Thursday, 24 December 2015

2015 on to 2016

coming to the end of the year again thought i would do another review of my year. i done this for a few years now and i really like just taking a bit of time and reflecting on my year. first off a little heavy but its been a pretty tough year with loose of family and with illness in the family. It was something i felt got knocked home a little when my dad did a toast around christmas dinner to family that would want to be there. It was pretty touching and they wont be forgotten.

With that mentioned i have to say 2015 has been one of my best years with art. I've been able to work on some great projects with lovely people and i feel really grateful for that. this is from indie games and movies up to big company stuff. I've made a lot more money that previous years which isn't really that important but to get up to the level i can pay some months rent bills and food on it is great. still need the little part time work money every now and then when things dry up but thats cool.

Lately i got my first art test for a big company. sounded a really nice team and feel really flattered they wanted to talk to me on my designs. sadly didnt get it. bit of a shame but i understood why and learnt from my mistake. Anyway i had a great 2015 as far as Freelance art goes and i got a good feeling about 2016.

Looking forward to getting back to bristol over christmas to crack on with a load of fresh personal concepts and work.


Thursday, 17 December 2015