Sunday, 28 December 2014

2014 on to 2015

I don't tend to write on this blog but thought it might be cool to do a little update on how i feel like i developed this year and seal of the year ready for the new one. a little record for myself to look back on and keep track of my progress.

This year I've done a lot developing my design pipeline for my concept art this year. working on my first short film continuing on my game work with nineteen stone ninjas and other little jobs along the year. Everything pretty small but giving me a understanding of how things work. I've also been developing a lot of my own projects with matte painting and concept art. learning programs like maya and nuke a lot this year which has been fun. I'm close to posting up my matte painting show reel with a few shots in pretty soon.

I also push into areas that i haven't done much work in before like environment and vehicle design and now prefer it to character design. It just feel like they both have a lot more going to it in creating interesting shapes in them. It's also been interesting to see how this has been effecting my character design work too. For example learning about rhythm, contrast, small, medium and  large shapes in environment design in James Paick class last year and apply it repeatedly you start making connections on how this would work in a vehicles and characters. It might have seem obvious to some people but took me ages to figure out and get my head round. now its made design in to a game of playing with the rules of it. trying stuff and seeing where the rules can be broken.

In All 2014 I've felt like i've learnt a lot this year. Getting some really great crit's in September at Industry workshop in london really gave me a lot of focus. great to meet so many cool people too!

Going forward on 2015 i've still got some projects lined up with i'm working hard on developing up my indie game projects and push into bigger and bigger projects.

Programs wise i really want to get my head around 3D programs like maya to a higher degree and get into using zbrush too. it always looks alot of fun i need to get into using it. Im going to continue learning and developing my skills in nuke for film making learning more about camera projections and matte painting but i also want to start learning to roto with B splines. learning some basics on this would help me make more realistic mattes.

In All 2015 is going to be much like 2014 i just want to improve my art to be the best i can and have fun.

Thursday, 18 December 2014